Let’s make your language skills more inclusive

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As a personal and professional LGBTQ+ advocate, I assumed I knew all that there was for LGBTQ+ terminology. Until *cue record scratch* I realized that my knowledge of LGBTQ+ terms was limited to English when I speak three languages.

This realization led me to a search and conversations with Spanish…

Now I read/listen to 1–2 books every week

Photo by Susan Q Yin on Unsplash (this is picture from a library in Stockholm, Sweden)

In elementary school, a teacher told me that my comprehension and overall reading skills were terrible. As a result, at the impressionable age of seven, I decided to quit reading for good.

I didn’t read a book cover to cover for another 13 years.

My Journey Started with a New Year’s Resolution

In high school, I never read…

How this change could make travel easier for LGBTQ people

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On the last day of Pride Month, the U.S. State Department announced proposed changes to the department’s policies for gender markers on U.S. passports and consular reports of birth abroad. This change could have a massively beneficial impact on American LGBTQ travelers.

The policy change proposal

The decision to allow for an “X” gender…

Meghan Olson

I’m a passionate writer, LGBTQ+ and mental health advocate, and bookworm.

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